Home Design: How to Incorporate Modern Rustic Design Throughout Your Home

  • Byron R. Ford, Jr.
  • 09/13/21
Modern rustic has become one of the more popular design trends as of late, largely because the effects are simultaneously soothing and luxurious. The clean lines of modern and natural materials of rustic blend to create an interior that’s as welcoming as it is eye-catching. We’ll look at how to pair the elements together to achieve this fashionable look for your home.

The Basics of Modern Rustic Design

Modern rustic is flexible and fun. While you may see a modern foundation with rustic accents more often (as opposed to the other way around), it’s not a hard-and-fast rule. Here are a few examples:
  • A couch with clean lines and a low-profile next to a wooden coffee table or a family antique.

  • A farmhouse table and vintage canisters in a modern kitchen with vast windows and industrial lighting. 

  • A stone fireplace adorned with modern serving trays, vases and other accessories. 

  • Subway tile background for a tub encased in reclaimed wood. 

The key is to start with what the room gives you. Some will naturally be more modern than others, which will make it easier to set the base. Also, not every piece of furniture has to be one design or the other. Choose one or two statement pieces to establish the baseline and then build from there.

Make the Room Softer and More Relaxing 

Neutral color schemes in modern rustic design make the room more relaxing and welcoming. To keep the room from getting too “boring,” consider adding pops of color throughout. This may look like pillows on the couch, a small painting in the corner or a rug under the coffee table. Splash out on cozy textiles, including cashmere blankets, velvet upholstery or even a faux bearskin wall hanging. Wood is known for its storybook qualities and is central to rustic design.

Final Tips for Modern Rustic Design 

New products are constantly debuting to give designers the look they crave. For instance, you might love the look of exposed wooden beams, but if you don’t have any in the house, you may assume that you can’t incorporate it into your design. However, there are ways to simulate this trendy ceiling with faux beams. Use the lighting, colors and configuration of the room to your advantage first and then visualize how sleek and natural materials can harmonize to create rooms that are interesting and inviting.

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